6 Office 365 Mystery Tips and Traps

6 Office 365 Mystery Tips and Traps

Microsoft Office 365 is the most widely recognized cloud-based suite of big business efficiency applications utilized in the working environment around the world, and in light of current circumstances. As per Skyhigh Networks’ examination, about 60% of the entirety touchy information in the open cloud (58.4%) is housed by one of Microsoft’s cloud application administration basic record groups, including Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

As indicated by Forbes, 63% of associations have an essential objective of accomplishing advanced change through more profound commitment with cloud applications. Office 365 and other cloud-based instruments can empower new techniques for continuous joint effort and efficiency to drive results for a worldwide workforce.

While you may have aced numerous essential and middle of the road abilities of Office 365, there are most likely a couple of profitability upgrading highlights and capacities you haven’t utilized. To enable you to develop your aptitudes, we’ve arranged a rundown of little-known tips and traps that could shock you.


Keep away from tedious revise when you’re dealing with a document cooperatively or solo by getting to past record adaptations. Office 365 naturally spares past document adaptations, which you can see and reestablish through OneDrive or SharePoint. To get to past document renditions, click File > Info and select View. A tab will open enabling you to see every single past variant of the archive, think about substance, and reestablish earlier changes whenever wanted.

When working in PowerPoint, heads can even think about a solitary slide’s altering history and the progressions made by each creator to support commitments made by each colleague. This capacity to reestablish record forms by slide can expand the estimation of past work endeavors and think about information on introductions, for example, attempts to sell something, advertising introductions, or quarterly money related updates.


Office 365 is loaded up with highlights to abstain from opening new windows or tab between screens. These in-stream profitability highlights improve portable ease of use for these cloud applications. Upgraded efficiency includes additionally limit diversion for occupied information laborers concentrating on a solitary spreadsheet, report, or introduction.

When you’re composing or altering a record in Office 365, you never again need to open a program window to check a reality, confirm a definition, or quest for setting. Basically feature a word or expression, right-click, and select “Savvy Lookup.” This capacity enables you to utilize Bing Features in Word to recover top query items without leaving the archive.


“Clippy,” the benevolent paperclip work area aide in Microsoft Office 2000, has gotten a noteworthy overhaul and new man-made brainpower abilities. Office 365 applications are currently furnished with a lace at the highest point of the screen called “Let me know,” a keen administrations highlight for intelligent on-request help and customized criticism. Disclose to Me goes about as a quest bar and help highlight for investigating, for example, requesting that how utilize propelled includes or play out a capacity inside the application.


Advanced workspaces like Office 365 that empower worldwide, ongoing joint effort among remote groups are among the quickest developing zones of cloud venture for associations all things considered. By 2023, the worldwide cloud joint effort market is anticipated to reach $55.54M, as per Research and Markets.

It’s anything but difficult to work together in the cloud with Office 365 Co-Authoring highlights, which enable various colleagues to perform synchronous updates to an archive in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint from any gadget. The main necessity for these coordinated effort highlights is access to a mutual extra room, for example, OneDrive. Word report, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint introduction. This incorporates the making of specially appointed groups to cluster topic specialists around ventures. For venture administrators, facilitators or group leads entrusting individuals with record get to, this can fundamentally streamline your work process.

Accelerate the way toward finding the perfect individuals and documents with Delve, a Microsoft application structured explicitly to enable you to look and discover individuals and substance in enormous associations or organizations with complex substance. Dive robotizes the way toward labeling teammates and sharing substance, including inserting recordings, pictures, and other important reports.


Making an OneNote 2016 scratch pad and moving it from your work area gadget to the cloud makes your very own, private cloud envelope for sharing work records with partners, customers, and colleagues. Your OneNote note pad can go about as a constant envelope to encourage in a hurry efficiency between your working environment PC, cell phone, and tablet by giving consistent, secure cloud access to records in advancement.

From your note pad, you can impart substance to any Outlook contact by choosing File > Share and picking between “Read Only” and “Alter” authorization. You can likewise impart a solitary page to anybody – even a person without an Office 365 record – by recovering an immediate connection from File > Share > Get a Sharing Link.


A whole day of objectives can be annihilated by extension creep when ventures, assignments, or gatherings keep running over. More regrettable, maybe you land at the workplace 10 minutes following a very late gathering was booked and you’ve missed it.

The Microsoft item group suggests shutting out support time on your schedule, including 10 minutes when booked gatherings. Set customary duties, for example, your week by week yoga class or drive time as repeating responsibilities in Outlook. At long last, don’t be reluctant to square yourself inaccessible for errand work and quit performing multiple tasks for all time.

Features You’ll Miss If You’re Not Using Office 365

Features You'll Miss If You're Not Using Office 365

What are the Top 10 Microsoft Office 365 New Features?

How do you feel when you hear about yet another update to the popular Microsoft Office suite? Excitement … dread … fatigue? As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Office expert, and technology speaker, I’m often asked about new features and if the latest upgrade is worth the time and money. Although there aren’t a lot of must have improvements, there are some handy new features to get to know as an update is likely in the near future, especially with the move in many organizations to Office 365. Let’s look at the top 10 Office 365 new features starting with a quick look at the different flavors of Microsoft Office.

Office 365 vs Office 365

What’s the difference between Office 365 and Office 365? The short version: Office 365 is the latest version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite with top programs Microsoft Office 365 new featuresincluding Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc., typically accessed via the desktop. Office 365 is available as a one-time purchase for one computer but there aren’t any upgrade options so you would need to buy it again at full price when you want to upgrade to a newer version. Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service, paid on a monthly or yearly basis, which includes the most recent version of Office, currently Office 365. In addition to the programs you’re familiar with, you have access to a variety of Office 365 only applications, ongoing upgrades, extra online storage via OneDrive, tech support at no extra cost, and more.

Much more basic, Office Online is the free version of Office that you can use in your web browser. Click here to try the Office Online apps.

What matters most about the new Office 365?

Best Office 365 New Features

We’ll start with the key features that don’t require a Microsoft Office 365 subscription but are also included with Office 365.

Smart Lookup

Available in each top Office 365 programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook 365.

Also called “Insights” from Bing, the new Smart Lookup feature lets you find facts and answers through the Bing search engine. Just place your cursor on any word or highlight any phrase and right-click. Next, choose Smart Lookup from the dropdown list. It can see the context of selected text by examining surrounding content and then will try to provide relevant information and images within the Insights panel in Office. I usually use a browser for my searches but it’s nice to have another option.

Tell Me

Available in each top Office 365 programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook 365.

Another of the Office 365 new features is Tell Me, a great option when you just want the answer, not the detailed how-to instructions. Look at the right side of the Ribbon menu in a program after the last tab, to see a light bulb that says “Tell me what you want to do.” Just enter the words and phrases that describe the steps you want to do next and quickly get the features or actions you want to use. You can also choose from Recently Used searches and use this option to dig into other help choices for the active Office 365 program. If you have selected something in your document, you will see commands specific to that object. For example, if an image is selected, you will see commands related to images.

Outlook 365: Recent Documents

Microsoft Office 365 new features. Attachments are often a daily part of email and now they are so much easier to send. Have you ever finished a report, budget, or presentation that you want to email but it’s buried in the depth of your computer or network folder structure?

The new Recent Documents feature in Outlook 365 shows you the documents you’ve recently worked on in the Office programs so you don’t have to hunt for them. A much easier way to quickly add an attachment. I could have used this years ago!

Excel 365: Quick Analysis Tools

In Excel 365, business analytics are now easier and faster, with streamlined data analysis, new forecasting capabilities and a better functionality to get and transform data.

Quick analysis tools are a real timesaver helping to move you in the right direction with selected data. Look for the lightning worksheet icon at the bottom right corner of the range, click this icon, and a popup menu displays a half-dozen options for working with the data.

Excel 365: New Charts

The ability to visualize data with an Excel chart has always been a valuable and powerful capability. Excel 2013 added some new PivotTable features, enhanced Slicers, and the handy Flash Fill feature. In Excel 365, you have six new charts to show off your work: Waterfall, Treemap, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst.

Pareto sorts the bars by highest first and shows which bars have the biggest impact or highest return. Use this chart data to decide where to assign your resources.

Waterfall (a.k.a. ‘flying brick’ chart) provides a visual method for viewing a series of positive and negative data, such as monthly cash flows. Because the bars seem to hover between the start and end columns, it looks sort of like a waterfall.

PowerPoint 365: Morph Transition

PowerPoint 365 introduces a brand new transition type called Morph. This transition helps you make smooth animations, transitions, and object movements across the slides in your presentation. To use the Morph transition, you’ll need to have two slides with at least one object in common—the easiest way is to duplicate the slide and then move the object on the second slide to a different place, or copy and paste the object from one slide and add it to the next. Then, with the second slide selected, go to Transitions > Morph to see how this cool feature can automatically animate, move, and emphasize your objects across slides. This transition can even change from one color to another as you switch slides.


Word 365: Real-Time Edits

When documents are shared through OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online, you can now group-edit them in real time. With this co-authoring feature, you will see Word changes reflected in real time to all users who’ve opened the document. And Office 365 makes it easier to share those documents with others in the first place. Real-time co-authoring is also available through Excel 365 and PowerPoint 365.

Outlook 365: Cloud Attachments

When attaching files saved in a cloud location, you can now send documents as attachments (the traditional approach) or as links to saved files. If you send links, you avoid the duplication of document copies, and you create one location for document edits. Plus, if the documents are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint, you can assign different permission levels.

Teams: Small Group Connections

  • Microsoft Teams is a group collaboration tool that integrates with other Microsoft applications including Planner, OneNote, SharePoint, Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Although similar to Slack, Teams is more robust with chat (text and video), file sharing, formal and informal group communications, meetings, and more.
  • Direct connection to other Microsoft programs is a huge plus!

Some More Awesome Office 365 Features

Some More Awesome Office 365 Features

Make a Power Map Using Excel

Transform information into a 3-D intelligent guide with Power Map, one of the many Power BI-improved information perception includes that Excel brings to the table. It accompanies three unique channels: List, Range, or Advanced. The Power Map will help you pass on your information all the more adequately, yet in addition support your cases by making a substantial story from the numbers.

Effectively Edit and Convert PDFs

Changing over reports, spreadsheets, introductions, and productions into a PDF is simpler than at any other time with Office 365. What was at one time an agony in any mechanically tested individual’s side is presently a natural, streamlined procedure on account of the Microsoft office applications. To alter a PDF, first proselyte it into a Word report. This will help limit the organizing issues that accompany duplicate/gluing or altering over content.

Answer to Emails Without Even Opening Them

You can react to messages without opening them by empowering the Reading Pane in Outlook. This element will give you a chance to review email content, hit “answer,” and send your reactions in the primary Outlook window. Joined with the Conversations see, you’ll have the option to see initially whether you’ve answered to an email yet or not.

Use Office 365 Planner to Keep Your Team Organized

Sort out your group’s work process with the pristine Office 365 Planner include! This will support you and your group remain large and in charge by giving you a visual outline of your work process while sorting out community oriented endeavors. Make courses of action, dole out errands and follow-up to-do’s, set due dates, give venture updates, and offer task related records from the dashboard. Each time the dashboard is refreshed, your group will be alarmed by means of email notice.

Self-Cleaning Smart Inbox

Bid farewell to overwhelming Outlook inboxes with Microsoft 365’s Clutter highlight. Mess utilizes your post box standards to consequently list high-need messages before low-need messages. Less significant messages will be moved to your “messiness” envelope so you can see them at a progressively helpful time.

Also, Microsoft’s organization with Nimble enables you to tackle the intensity of the straightforward, savvy social CRM for O365 legitimately and effectively inside your Outlook inbox. This implies you will consistently have social and business bits of knowledge on contacts, prospects, and clients directly readily available — wherever you work.

Coming Soon to Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft has as of late declared a couple of exceedingly foreseen updates for OneDrive and SharePoint clients that will convey more Office 365 insight to its record stockpiling administrations.

The two administrations will offer computerized interpretation administrations for video and sound records. This will build the estimation of online classes and instructional exercises by making it simpler than any time in recent memory to decipher the information granted from them into unmistakable, searchable reports.

Microsoft says that the new administration will translate video and sound documents naturally, just as presentation the transcript as you’re seeing the video. The programmed translation administration is good with more than 320 document types.

Another update Microsoft as of late insinuated incorporated another record see for OneDrive and Office.com that will propose documents to you dependent on the activities you’ve as of late chipped away at. This will help you rapidly review fundamental records relating to your most high-need ventures.

Shutting Thoughts

There are many ways Microsoft Office 365 can enable you to enhance your group’s work process.

So as to keep you on the ball, Office 365 is ceaselessly discharging new office applications to support you and your group develop to scale. It’s an ideal opportunity to break your daily schedule of utilizing the equivalent applications all day every day; in the event that you fuse these conceivably neglected O365 hacks, you’ll start to see quick outcomes.

Since you’re a vigorous O365 customer, you may find that you’ve been stuck using a comparative office applications throughout the day consistently, without researching the new updates. You investigate to the Office 365 point of arrival by muscle memory. You can in all probability data the comfort simple courses to your favored features with your eyes shut.

  • Old inclinations steadfast. It’s an extraordinary chance to handle change in order to irritate the way in which your gathering works! Microsoft Office (and clearly Nimble) requirements to empower you to fabricate gainfulness and streamline the way wherein your gathering cooperates by updating your 365 guidance. With Microsoft, gatherings can accomplish another level of work process upgrade.
  • We trust that this article causes you increment profitability and streamline the manner in which your group works together by upgrading your 365 instruction. On the off chance that you consider how far Office 365 has come in its initial years (or notwithstanding thinking about how far it’s come since Office 2010), the element improvements are obviously modern.
  • Stay tuned for what Office 2019 has available.

Best Office 365 Features You Should Use Right Now

Best Officie 365 Features You Should Use Right Now

Office 365 is continually taking off new instruments and highlights to support you and your group accomplish your objectives and be progressively profitable.

This is the reason there are roughly 25 million customer memberships to Office 365; more than 300 million memberships are authorized in the United States alone.

Since you’re an energetic O365 client, you may find that you’ve been stuck utilizing a similar office applications all day every day, without investigating the new updates. You explore to the Office 365 landing page by muscle memory. You can most likely info the console easy routes to your preferred highlights with your eyes shut.

Old propensities resolute. It’s a great opportunity to grasp change so as to upset the manner in which your group works! Microsoft Office (and obviously Nimble) needs to enable you to build profitability and streamline the manner in which your group works together by upgrading your 365 instruction. With Microsoft, groups can achieve another degree of work process enhancement.

Here’s a breakdown of 12 magnificent Office 365 hacks you may not be utilizing yet.

Work Smarter, Everywhere

In the wake of purchasing Office 365, you additionally access its going with portable applications and program applications. This enables you to get to their cloud administration from any exceptional internet browser on your work area or cell phone. Far better yet, you don’t need to introduce Office programming on your PC to do this.

The portable application enables you to get to the majority of your Office 365 memberships and Office items directly from your cell phone or tablet; this incorporates Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote, and that’s just the beginning. Cut the string and quit taking a shot at your PC just — download the Microsoft Office 365 versatile application to remain gainful, even while in a hurry.

Appreciate 50 GB of Storage

Every Office 365 client gets an incredible 50 GB of capacity with Exchange Online; this can be utilized to spare messages, schedule occasions, task records, meeting notes, contact data, and email connections.

You can spare some more space in your letter drop by using the OneDrive distributed storage highlight to share connections.

Your OneDrive stockpiling is additionally adjusted to your gadget, empowering you to work disconnected on documents. When you reconnect to the web, the most up to date forms of your reports will be consequently transferred to your distributed storage. The new forms of your archives will likewise be sent to some other associated gadget, including your telephone or tablet — clever!

Alter Documents with Real-Time Co-Authoring

Work together on the web and see changes your group makes to shared records inside your Office applications as they occur with the continuous co-composing highlight in Word. Spare your record to OneDrive distributed storage or SharePoint so your group can get to the archive and make any important alters or updates. You can likewise share it straightforwardly from Word by using a helpfully coordinated sidebar. As the distributer and access-provider, you can alter availability settings whenever.

With the improved adaptation control that was taken off with Office 2016 co-creating, you can see which changes to the record were made by which donor and when the update was made. You can likewise effectively return to a past variant of the record at whatever point you have to.

Associate with Co-Workers

You might not have known this, however Office applications incorporate a Skype in-application reconciliation. You can utilize this component to text your partners, share your screen during gatherings and have sound or visual discussions — without leaving the Office applications you’re working in. You can proceed Skype discussions even after you close your office applications by means of your work area or versatile rendition of Skype. The best part? Your group will get boundless Skype minutes.

Send Links, Not Files

It’s a great opportunity to move away from email connections. It’s never been simpler to share reports for co-creating!

Basically transfer your record to Office 365’s distributed storage. At that point, compose your email by means of Outlook or the Outlook web application. Instead of joining your report to the email, you can embed a connection to the record on your cloud. Viewpoint will naturally permit email beneficiaries to alter the report you wish to share. You can generally change consents on any record whenever the timing is ideal.

Convert OneNote Items into Outlook Calendar Events

Effectively arrange OneNote things to assignments inside your Outlook schedule. You can likewise dole out errands to associates, total with follow-up updates and compact due dates. You can likewise move meeting notes taken in OneNote by means of email to your partners, and include significant subtleties (date, area, and participants) to their particular gathering.

Utilize Your Mouse as a Laser Pointer during PowerPoint Presentations

  • With just a straightforward console alternate route (Ctrl + P), your mouse can be utilized as a laser pointer during your PowerPoint introductions. You can likewise utilize the “moderator mode” directions while utilizing this component.
  • The laser pointer apparatus has been a clever trap inside more seasoned renditions of the workplace applications for a considerable length of time; be that as it may, it was as of late coordinated for contact screen gadgets. You should simply hold down on your gadget’s screen, and the laser pointer will show up.

Top Features of Office 365 and SharePoint

Office 365 Art

You can’t discuss Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft cooperation without discussing them with regards to the more extensive market. Throughout the year, this has showed itself as a challenge among Microsoft and pretty much every other person. While there are various coordinated effort suites and applications accessible, rivalry has to a great extent separated into Office 365 with SharePoint Online versus G Suite versus Slack. 

Nonetheless, to see Office 365 and SharePoint as far as cooperation abilities just is to misjudge what Office 365 and SharePoint are intended to do. Cherish them or despise them, Microsoft profitability instruments through Office 365 (and now Microsoft 365), with either SharePoint on-premises or SharePoint Online, are ruling the endeavor efficiency space. 

It’s implied that this year, the huge news from Microsoft was the arrival of SharePoint 2019, and the redesigns that were added to SharePoint. 

Nonetheless, Microsoft has made it obvious to the open that its future bearing of item advancement is cloud centered, not on-premises. Accordingly, Microsoft has kept on urging undertakings to move to SharePoint Online. In the interim, the arrival of SharePoint 2019 tends to the waiting test numerous associations, that have conveyed SharePoint on-premises for a considerable length of time, face. 

It additionally turned out to be certain that while SharePoint 2019 accompanies a few improvements in usefulness and client experience to keep the clients who have put vigorously in SharePoint on-premises upbeat, all things considered, Microsoft will just discharge rising and creative highlights with Office 365. 

SharePoint 2019 may empower associations to postpone their movement to Office 365, yet it won’t dispose of the need. This, it appears, was the significant worry for undertakings through the span of 2018.

Office 365 Is Primed to Pick Up the ECM Pieces

To what extent have we had “genuine” endeavor content administration (ECM)? We should be liberal, electronic report the executives began in the mid-1980s, so for the good of argument, suppose ECM started in 2000 (around the time that FileNet and Documentum rose to unmistakable quality). 

What’s more, in such time — almost two decades — not just have we neglected to understand AIIM’s sans paper office, however we’re apparently no nearer to dealing with our “brought into the world advanced” content put away on shared drives, email and other unstructured frameworks. The outcome being that most enormous associations look after terabytes (some even various petabytes) of unmanaged content on their frameworks, endorsing (generally certainly) the colossal hazard related with this substance. Will ECM ever prevail with regards to settling the substance the board difficulties of most enormous associations? 

The appropriate response is a resonating “no.” The principle explanation behind this is Microsoft, with everything it’s doing to create (and hawk) Office 365, is ready to command the ECM space all things considered huge associations throughout the following five years.

Office 365 Tools: Where to Begin

On the off chance that you are new to Office 365, you will see all around rapidly that there is no lack of apparatuses accessible to you. This plenitude can be energizing and overpowering for an association hoping to reveal these apparatuses in a composed and well-administered design. As a specialist, I hear this from my clients again and again. They are utilizing Exchange and a touch of SharePoint, yet are dumbfounded where in the first place the rest. Does this sound well-known? Here is some counsel to get you progressing nicely.

Microsoft Planner: An Unsung Gem in Collaborative Task Management

The Planner shared undertaking the board instrument found in Office 365 is a touch of an underused jewel. It’s positively worth pointing out, especially after an underlying Office 365 dispatch that enabled individuals to gain proficiency with the rudiments of OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and so on. As consistently with non-specialized clients, you can educate individuals concerning an apparatus, however it possibly truly wakes up when they see a model they can identify with. Here are some utilization cases that ideally help breath life into Planner’s motivation. 

Unloading SharePoint Conference’s Day One Announcements 

SharePoint Conference 2018 commenced with an hour and 45 moment keynote conveyed to a crowd of people of more than 3,000 at the MGM inn in Las Vegas and innumerable others watching the live communicate from the solace of their homes. Jeff Teper, Microsoft corporate VP; Seth Patton, general administrator of Office 365 item promoting; Omar Shahine, chief of program the executives OneDrive and SharePoint; and Dan Holme, chief of item showcasing SharePoint drove an introduction pressed with various declarations including news identified with SharePoint center point destinations, interchanges locales, OneDrive, reconciliations with Teams, and presented an entirely different kind of site, SharePoint Spaces. 

What Organizations Want In SharePoint 2019 

Microsoft declared at Ignite 2017 that it would discharge SharePoint 2019. The see form, as indicated by Microsoft, would be discharged in the second quarter of 2018 pursued by a general discharge later in the year. While the arrival of the present form, SharePoint 2016, was portrayed by exchanges with respect to whether it would be the keep going on-premises release or not, there is no such dialog this time around. SharePoint 2019 will be an on-premises release of the stage with mixture capacities empowering clients to move between the online form and the on-premises variant.

Center Sites Raise SharePoint’s Intranet Potential

Here’s a mystery for you: in spite of the fact that most of big business intranets are based on SharePoint, SharePoint truly has had few worked in highlights that perform fundamental intranet capacities. Independent intranet items, for example, Igloo, Intranet Connections, Thought Farmer and Interact all offer instant gadgets that each intranet client would perceive, for example, news, lunch menu, room booking, employment opportunities and so forth. SharePoint has as of late included news. 

For quite a while SharePoint worked under the saying that it was a “stage,” over which such things could be invoked utilizing mystery mantras, for example, “custom rundown” and “server-side arrangements.” It was similar to the way a jar of peas has an engaging serving recommendation imprinted on it so it would seem that a full dinner, however all the tin holds are the peas.

Instant SharePoint Intranets in 2018

The  market for SharePoint additional items offering intranet usefulness is developing quickly, in the quantity of alternatives, yet in addition the quantity of organizations moving them out. Every year, a survey of the SharePoint intranets in-a-container commercial center reflects development in the market: the principal report in 2016 secured six items, the second secured 26, and the 2018 release secured 42. There is an expected 60 items on the whole, and that number is relied upon to continue developing. Three major patterns developed for the current year: enormous organizations, associations and bots. They reflect how the market is developing, yet in addition demonstrate the weight on merchants to keep their items in front of Microsoft’s own changes, for example, correspondence locales.